2019 Team Teal

Between February 1 and March 10 lady drivers all over Australia will form “Team Teal”, an awareness and fundraising campaign that connects the harness racing industry with Women’s Cancer Foundation. Each time a female driver wins a race they secure funds for ovarian and gynaecological cancer research conducted by the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG).

While the campaign initiated in Victoria in 2014, it has since grown to an international status with hundreds of reinswomen wearing teal driving pants last year, securing a total of 315 winners and close to $200,000 in donations. This year they strive for more with the fundraising goal set at $250,000.

As in tradition the campaign ends with the Australian Female Drivers Championship, this year being staged at Albion Park on March 9.


This year Narissa McMullen and Kylie Rasmussen were chosen as the Team Teal ambassadors. They will also represent Queensland in the Australian Female Drivers Championship held at Albion Park on March 9.

McMullen has been the most successful Queensland female driver while driving in her teal pants for the past two campaigns, in which she has accumulated a total of 19 winners.

“It’s great that we are back driving in the teal pants again this year, getting a winner is always great but to raise money for such a worthy cause while doing so is even better,” McMullen said.


  • (Updated Wednesday 20th Feb)
  • Narissa McMullen - 14 wins
  • Kylie Rasmussen - 7 wins
  • Trista Dixon - 4 wins
  • Chantal Turpin - 2 wins
  • Melissa Kendall - 1 win
  • Dannielle McMullen - 1 win
  • Kelli Dawson - 1 win
  • Lola Weidemann - 1 win
  • TOTAL = 31 Wins/$6,200


  • Australian Female Drivers Championship

    The 2019 Australian Female Drivers Championship will be hosted at Albion Park on March 9th. It coincedes with the final night of the Team Teal campaign raising money for Women's Cancer Foundation so get to the track to show your support.

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  • Team Teal

    Join the fight against ovarian cancer this February/March! Our lady drivers will be wearing teal driving pants and donations to th Women's Cancer Foundation are made for every win they have.

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  • Teal Cocktail Party

    Just $50 gets you entry into the Team Teal Cocktail party where you will meet some of Australia's best female drivers and Queensland's leading athletes. Enjoy a complimentary drink on arrival, let the live music entertain you while you indulge in canapes all night and help raise money by participating in the silent auction.

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